Training Your Chiwawa, Complete Guide

Dog owners are always so keen on giving the very best training to their dogs specially Chiwawa. Dogs can make you proud with their behavior. It is desirable that you find a good trainer or also learn a few tricks to help your dog find a familiar routine. Small dogs, especially as pets, require a lot of tender care.


With love and proper care, it is so nice to groom your pet Chiwawa so that life can be simple and enjoyable for both you and your pet. Ideally, the first thing should be naming your puppy.

Excellent choices in names can be thought of and you must make it a point to call the puppy by its full name. Once they are habituated to that particular name they will respond to your instructions. Later you can always use loving derivatives and adorable names of your choice to address your pet Chiwawa.

Dog rearing is always full of surprises. Just like rearing children and accepting a few things you will soon learn not be vexed about certain issues. All dogs try chewing pillows, blocks of wood and soon you may find that there are scratches on your coffee table.


A trainer will continuously help you out in disciplining the dog so that all these problems do not efface. Though initially, it may be embarrassing for you, it will soon fall into place. Ideally, it is best to give puppies chewing toys or bones so that they are kept busy.

Chiwawa’s generally are very obedient but if you happen to have a rather obstinate one then the key is to extend patience. All dogs chew when they are tensed.


Perhaps they are also facing the problem of anxiety if they are recently separated from the pet shop. It is best to love the dog and acknowledge the terror inside them before you lose your patience. Dogs training experts always suggest in going slow on the training.

Irrespective of their size all dogs certainly respond to instructions and sometimes repetition is necessary. A ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ must be clearly understood by the dog. In fact, they are the magic words for them to go ahead or to stop.


The commands used by a trainer certainly influence your dog to obey. It is so much necessary to be firm with a dog and not allow repeated behavior. Some trainers also use the principle of distracting the dog form acts of chewing or wild behavior.

Once you know what upsets your dog, you can make changes and most of their obstinate behavior will fade away. Excess patience will certainly be required if you want your dog to understand a particular aspect.

Life can be wonderful once you have trained your Chiwawa according to certain acceptable behavior. Treats are a wonderful way to keep a dog happy. Perhaps that is a good way to also groom your dog so that they have their meal properly without allowing spilling and toying with food.

A few do’s and don’ts will keep your Chiwawa groomed and the best in your locality.

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