Scottish Terrier | One of the Star Breed Puppies

The Scottish Terrier, which is also called Aberdeen Terrier, is originated in Scotland, and it is one of the five Terrier’s breeds. The four of the rest are West Highland White Terrier and Skype, Dandie Dinmont and Cairn. It has a nickname which is Scottie.

Scottish Terrier

Its appearance is very different from other kinds of breeds, and it is a big name and plays different roles in the popular culture. There are a lot of famous people like keeping it as a pet.

Two of the most impressive owners of Scottish Terrier were the 32nd and 43rd president of the USA, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and George W. Bush. And u may have already noticed that if you played the game Monopoly in which our Scottish Terrier was a playing piece.

The Scottish Terrier usually shows their courage and takes a quick defense when there are some intruders breaking into its territory. Because of that personality, a post of being a watchdog is completely suitable for them.

As a family member, Scottie can be very loyal as well. In 2010, the Scottish Terrier got a reward of being one of the most recently successful breeds of dog from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

About the appearance, what does Scottish Terrier look like?

Scottish Terrier is a small but strongly-built dog with good substance and bone. Its fur is closely and firmly united together and its legs are short. Its coat is wiry and hard, as well as weather-resistant. Its heavy-compacted tiny body is installed between the short legs.

Scottish Terrier

The dignified, confident, bold characteristic of Scottish Terrier is a perfect showing that small package possesses a superpower. The small, sharp and bright eyes show a feisty feeling to people, and the almost black and dark brown eyeballs make it a very prudent guard, the darker the more prudent.

Its ears are prick, small and well stand straight over its head all the time. All of these parts mentioned above are coved by the short hair.

The size, is it a portable pet?

The height from the highest part of Scottish Terrier is around 9.8 inches for both of the two genders, and the back’s length from the highest part to tail is around 11 inches, both male and female are the same.

Scottish Terrier

Speaking of the weight, normally, a healthy and well-balanced male Scottish puppy should weigh roughly from 8.5 kg to 10 kg, and to a female is roughly from 8 to 9.5 kg.

Temperament, how does a Scottish Terrier behave?

Just like the characters that have been mentioned above, Scottish puppy is a kind of feisty dog which is quite territorial, fast moving and alert, probably even rather more than the other breeds of terrier.

Scottish Terrier

Scottie is a kind of breed which is self-assured and independent. It is so outgoing and intelligent than a nickname “Diehard” was given to this puppy, yet the endless determination and its tough personality are also the reason for the “Diehard” nickname.

Originally, this nickname was given by the fourth Earl of Dumbarton, George, in the 19th century.

There are some famous breeds of Scottish Terriers which are very brave so that the Earl gave the name “Diehard” to them.

About its health, how long could a Scottish Terrier live from the very first day it was born?

A bad information, the cancer is one of the highest rate diseases that a Scottish Terrier could get, and the rate is even higher than the other purebreds and there is another disability may exist not only in Scottie but also in the other breeds of terriers. It’s called Scottie cramp. It is an autosomal recessive disorder which is inherited from their ancestors.

But normally, without cancer, a Scottish Terrier can live for 12 to 15 years on average.

Some famous breeds of Scottish Terriers

There are only two kinds of breeds having lived in the White House. One is the German Shepherd, and another is Scottie. Fala was the name of a Scottie that owned by the president Roosevelt, it was a gift from his distant cousin.

Miss Beazley and Barney were the other two Scottie Terriers which have been owned by another President of USA, George W Bush. And Barney was a star once, it starred in the 9 movies which were produced by White House.

Scottish Terrier

Some other celebrities like Eva Braun, Queen Victoria, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lech Kaczynski, the President of Poland also have owned the Scottish Terrier.

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