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The term Miniature Maltese is used to refer to a Maltese dog that is smaller in size than the standard Maltese size. To be very frank there is no such breed with the name as Miniature Maltese.

Miniature Maltese

The breeders use the term Miniature Maltese in order to attract customers. Many times some breeders also breed miniature Maltese, who is unusually made tiny by applying unethical methods. Miniature Maltese puppies or Teacup Maltese are prone to serious health problems as they are unethically bred.

Why do Maltese breeders sell miniature Maltese when the breed does not exist?

The term of miniature Maltese is merely used by the breeders as a marketing strategy in order to promote themselves and make money. There are basically two reasons behind breeders selling miniature Maltese dogs.

Miniature Maltese

The reasons are as follows.

  • Some Maltese breeders sell healthy Maltese puppies as miniature Maltese in order to please and attract Maltese lovers. Since these dogs are tiny in size, they are addressed as Miniature Maltese. The breeder, in this case,e are selling nothing but real Maltese breed dogs.
  • Some unethical dog breeders purposely breed dogs and make them unusually tinier than what they intend to be. Since the process is against nature, the unethical bred miniature Maltese are prone to severe health problems and are not known to live longer.

How to detect whether Miniature Maltese is a typical Maltese or unethical breed?

Most of the puppies are only taken away from their mom once they are 8 weeks old. Eight-week puppies generally weigh 1.5 pounds that is 0.68 kg. So if the Miniature Maltese puppy offered for sale is less than 1.5 pounds than do not buy that puppy because there are high chances that the puppy is unethically breeding. Check other puppies and other adult dogs. If they are even underweight it implies that breeder makes use of unethical practices.

Miniature Maltese

Some of the signs which shall be dominant in undernourished puppies are – weakness, dull eyes, shallow breathing and excessive watery discharge. Do not hesitate to ask the breeder questions on any doubts you have.

How to deal with already purchased miniature Maltese dogs?

If you have already purchased a miniature Maltese then you have to be extra careful with it. These dogs will require frequent checkups, so make it a habit to take them to a veterinarian, even if they are perfectly fine because there are bright chances of development of heart problems, lung problems and organ failure issues, etc.

These dogs will be prone to breaking bones due to undernourishment. Install ramps and step to your furniture and train your dog to use them and do not allow him to jump.

Conclusively, it can be said that it is absolutely perfect to buy miniature Maltese provided that the dog is of the right weight and body mass according to his age. He must be possessing sound health conditions and must be active. Therefore, it is always recommended to extensively check and screen the dog you are buying.

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