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Are you considering buying a Maltese dog? If yes then you need to restore to Maltese breeders to get your adorable dog. You will not face any difficulty in finding Maltese breeders as Maltese breeds are quite popular and so are Maltese breeders. However, it is very crucial to buy from respected and qualified Maltese breeders only.

Who are Maltese breeders?

Maltese breeders are breeders who purposely mate Maltese dogs with certain and typical characteristics to produce puppies with same characteristics. The process of breeding depends on the science of genetics. So, Maltese breeders bear complete knowledge of Maltese genetics and health.

Maltese breeders

It is very important to select reputable and ethical Maltese breeders as many Maltese breeders have emerged that make use of unethical methods to generate Maltese puppies who are undernourished and weak.

Valuable information regarding Maltese breeders

There are literally thousands of Maltese breeders. Some are professional and some do it as a hobby. It is perfectly ok to buy from a professional or general breeder.

Maltese breeders

However, in the case of general breeders, you have to ascertain whether the breeder has a complete knowledge of genetics and their health. And in the case of professional Maltese breeders, you have to check whether the breeder has used any unethical practices or not.

It is very vital to ascertain the seriousness and genuineness of the Maltese breeders you have shortlisted. One of the easiest ways to ascertain the seriousness of the breeders is to watch the degree of concern they take to exhibit and question the buyer for his interest and capabilities.

Genuine Maltese breeders shall ask several million questions. They post questions regarding the environment at home, a number of members, the primary occupation, work habits, the type of visitors, etc. The purpose behind the posting of such questions is to assure that the puppy gets the best home.

Some features of reputable Maltese breeders

The seriousness and care of reputable Maltese breeders are evident in all their acts. Here are a few things that can help you decide on reputable Maltese breeders

  • The Maltese breeder shall keep the dogs indoors and treat them as family members.
  • He shall show you at least one parent of the puppy in the premises.
  • He shall not advertise that he has puppies and will not use terms such as miniature Maltese.
  • He will not have more than three or four breeds of dogs.
  • He will literally screen you about your home and knowledge.
  • He will recommend a final through checkup before the final sale process.
  • He will never sell a dog less than 12 weeks old.
  • He will give you the complete information about vaccination and exact dates when the vaccination needs to be provided.
  • He will give you proper instruction on bathing, cleaning, grooming and feeding and shall never recommend antibiotics for tear stains.

Maltese breeders

Other things to ask the breeder

Once you have located a good breeder, there are some crucial things to ask for. Ask him about warranty and guarantee, ask whether he is ready to take the puppy back if you are unable to keep him and do they work with rescue.

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