Teacup Maltese Facts | Size | Character | Health Problem


Teacup Maltese is not any designer Maltese dog or some special type. It is a typical Maltese dog only but smaller in size. The term Tea Cup is used because these dogs are so tiny that they can be placed in teacups. Teacup Maltese is just a marketing term used by breeders.

Some people believe that Teacup Maltese is a unique diversity among the Maltese breed. However, this is not true. Teacup Maltese are Maltese dogs and fall under the toy category only.

Teacup Maltese has gained extreme popularity all across the globe. And the main reason behind it is that most of the people live in apartments with limited space, and therefore they cannot just have any large dog as a pet.

Teacup Maltese

Teacup Maltese is bred especially by a mating of runts and is therefore small in size. Since it is bred especially one has to shed out more. The price for Teacup Maltese can cost anywhere between $250 to $2500.

Features of Teacup Maltese


Tea cup Maltese dog is much smaller in size than the standard official size. Its weight is between one and four pounds and the average height is around three inches. Since it is very small, it does not demand large space and can easily be taken care. Its tiny size allows the owner to carry it along with him when he is out or travelling. It is very light as well so carrying it is not a pain.

Teacup Maltese

The small size makes teacup Maltese fragile as well. There are great chances of injury of being aaccidentally stepped over or sat upon. As a result, it demands proper consideration and care especially where there are small children.


Tea cup Maltese is notorious for shy nature. It is very crucial to keep them occupied with different types of social activities and surrounded by people. It is known to become dependent on its owners and hence should not be left alone for prolonged hours.

Teacup Maltese is also believed to suffer from certain behavioural problems as well. Frequent barking, separation anxiety, housebreaking and suspiciousness when not socialized are common problems. However, these problems are most reported when the dog is left alone. If your work keeps you out all day then this dog is not meant for you.

Health problems

Tea cup Maltese bears a high risk of various types of health problems at any age. It is more prone when it is underweight, malnourished and generated by use of unethical methods. Shallow breathing, dullness and weakness are common symptoms. It also has high chances of bone breaking.

Teacup Maltese

Teacup Maltese should be given proper exercise as other breeds of dog. It can start showing signs of an act if it is not taken for a walk. Regular walks keep it less distraught, cool and calm. Since housebreaking is a common issue with this breed, regular exercise keeps it occupied and also assists in alleviating stress.

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